Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cliff's 'Sunday Story'! Love the Jersey spellings - and story is very funny!!! ENJOY!

Well, didn't Sally do well? What an amazing achievement. Sal' you should be extremely proud of yourself for having the dogged determination to persevere, not just on Sunday but throughout this incredible ride. You showed true guts and courage to run 18 miles on the hottest day of the year so far. If it would have been me the hardest bit would be running past Harve de Parc knowing you were going to retrace your steps. But you coped marvelously the whole way. Big well done and big respect.

So, Chantelle dropped me at The Royal Yacht dead on 1030 after the team photocall, as arranged. Sally was standing on a stone bench punching the air and singing the Rocky theme tune at the top of her voice. It was very emotional, tough grown men openly weeping at the sight of 'Sly' Minty Gravett beating her chest and screaming "YO, CHARLIE, I LOVE YOU", at the top of her voice . OK, ok, I made all that up. Actually she looked a bit nervous as she changed out of her team vest (far too big - she was turning around in it!) preferring the all black garb of a Ninja warrior (except for pink stretch shoe laces (ooh, look a gay Ninja!)).

Charlie Boy drove us out to St Ouens and, after a quick loo visit, we set off at 10:58. Sal' walked for a few hundred yards and then we set off running with a slight, chilled sea breeze accompanying us. I have to say I was surprised that we didn't walk a lot more throughout the day. I would estimate that, for the whole 18 miles we walked about three quarters of a mile or a mile tops. Very impressive. On race day I would suggest a predetermined strategy of run walking (i.e.. However good you feel, do the walks - that's how you'll get through the last 8 miles). But PT1 is best placed to sit down with you, Sal', to work that out as she has been with you the whole way.

So - and Sal' you know the distances better than me so correct where necessary - we ran for nearly 4 mile without stopping until we got to the hill up to Corbiere. The splits up to 5 miles were very impressive. Sally was in charge of pace and I made sure I didn't push her to go faster. There was an inevitable payback for the early pace later in the run but I think that was a good thing to experience. It's all part of the training as was experiencing the heat as the day wore on (good to see you taking on lots of fluids Sal').

Hitting the railway track was a good omen as the first third of the run was nearly over. Different terrain and a lovely run down to St Aubin (see how these names just trip off my tongue now?!). Sally took time out every now and again to stretch her toes out and, at Quennevais Sports Centre she dispatched me off to fill up her water bottle. When I caught her up she was eating the bark off a giant conifer she had single handedly felled. Small children hid behind their mothers' skirts as Sally growled manically at them, eyes flaming, nostrils flared. I was scared - you girls hadn't warned me this might happen.

We had reported into Chantelle and arranged to meet her and Bradley between West Park and somewhere else (I forget) They were going to run the last 8/9 miles with us. Running along from St Aubin's we kept passing people who knew Sally and it was very lifting when they shouted words of encouragement. We hit the beach pretty quickly and then Chantelle and Bradley joined us which gave us both a boost (well, it certainly gave me a boost!). Near the upturned frigate we saw Lisa who was running 10 miles. She was going to see us later for the final stages. Then our merry band was increased by one as Annette joined us - Sally plus PTs 1,2 and 3. Bradley 'Steven Speilberg' Rose then took on the role of official photographer and we set off for the final third.

Not much to say about the last third really - except it was tough for Sal. The heat was taking it's toll and this part of the route was grim with narrow paths and too much traffic going too fast. We turned around at St Clements and made our way back 3 miles to Harve De Parc with Lisa joining us for the last bit. When we got to the pool we still had half a mile to go so we carried on and then returned triumphant to the applause of the Le Guilchers, Wendy, Dee, Sylvia and Nigel.

Sally you did amazingly well. You said you don't know how you are going to do the extra 8 miles. You will do it, you can do it. Work out your race strategy with Annette and stick to it. It's all good Sal - all good.

Below are the splits.


2 :14:45
3 :14:55
4 :15:56
5 :17:09
6 :15:35
7 :16:35
8 :14:56
9 :16:04
10 :16:29
11 :16:31
12 :17:38
13 :17:22
14 :19:08
15 :16:27
16 :17:33
17 :18:31
18 :17:27


Time - 4 hours 57 minutes
Distance - 18 miles
Average minutes per mile overall - 16:32

Cliff xx

Sunday, March 27, 2011

OMG!!! I have just done 18 miles!!!!

On the hottest day of the year so far - it must have reached 20+ today - i was obliged to go and meet Team Variety for a JEP photo - that was at 10.15am.

Dynamics had to change today as Annette was busy mostly a

nd Chantelle was advised not to do the whole lot so Cliff a long time ago, promised to come over and keep me company..
He is in training for Zurich Marathon 3 weeks today (same day as London) and did his 18 mile 'proper run' on Friday and came with me as well today...

Charlie took us both out to St Ouens and we started just before 11am; conditions were great and saw so many people on the way...

We took the usual route - St Ouen's coastline, around the Petit Port headland and up Corbiere hill to the railway walk. Down the railway walk and along the front to Bel Royal; we opted for the beach at that point which was lovely - and met up with Chantelle & Brad on the beach before heading up to the top again to carry on.
Passed Lisa at West Park going the other way and then met Annette opposite the Grand Hotel - she came ot help finish me off!!!!
Onwards past the gym, around the harbour and up over Mount Bingham to HDP and beyond, along the sea front to Le Hocq and then turned around to head back for HDP.
Feet were really playing up now so needed to keep stretching out - I am going to have to do that on the day so need to start doing it as soon as they start to go...
When we arrived at HDP - we were met by Charlie, Mick, Marilyn and Chantelle le G, Dee & Wendy, Sylvia & Nigel - an i said we woul be there by 3.45 - and we were there spot on! BUT i still had half a mile to go - so Annette, Cliff & I went on to Green street with Brad and then headed backto HDP pool for a 'triumphant finish'...and a very emotional one as well with all those people.

That was quite honestly - the hardest thing I have ever done - so far!
And could not have done it without Cliff, Annette, Chantelle & Brad.
Thank you all so much - and for the welcoming party at the end.

Results from Gordon the Garmin to follow soon..:

2 :14:45
3 :14:55
4 :15:56
5 :17:09 Corbiere Hill
6 :15:35
7 :16:35
8 :14:56
9 :16:04
10 :16:29
11 :16:31
12 :17:38 (walking and stretching a lot from now on)
13 :17:22
14 :19:08
15 :16:27
16 :17:33
17 :18:31
18 :17:27

The only ongoing problem as always, was my toes today.

Monday Morning:

After a restless night with lots of toe and leg stretching, I am amazed at how I feel....virtually pain free apart from a little lower back ache and creaky knees on stairs!
I have felt more painful after a shorter run - how does that work????
Me no understandee......!!!!!


Friday, March 25, 2011

Ok - 'Team Sal' are re-united/together for the first time since January !!!

So, the weather has been absolutely gorgeous this week; and for those who don't know and who are following this Blog/journey - my team of Personal Trainers (PT's) are
PT1 - Annette Campbell, who has organised my training, my clothing, my 'fuelling' and has been there every step of the way literally..
PT2 - Chantelle Rose who has been there almost every step, give or take a couple of missed bouncy weeks & runs(!; when she has not been there in body she has always been there in mind and at the end of her phone!!!!
and her Boyfriend
PT3 - Cliff Golding from Kent, who has been waiting to be there every step of the way and has come over especially to
1) visit his Girlfriend
2) get his last long run in (he is also in training for the Zurich Marathon in 3 weeks time) and
3) to support and help me through my 18 miles on Sunday as well.

Yesterday, on my free morning , I decided to make the most of the sunshine and good weather and join Annette for a walk/se dunk at St Ouen so I dragged Charlei out of the house and we went down for about 10.45 ; Cliff arrived on Wednesday morning and we let them know where we would all be and they turned up too!
So 'Team Sal' was united for the first time in the 8 weeks since I Started training! YAY!

Annette, Chantelle and I went for a lovely dunk, took some pics - while the boys watched - then we walked along to Big Verns for a cuppa.

It was a stunning morning and great for us all to be together.


Got down to the pool, dumped my work kit and decided not to go on the bike today but stay outside, so I walked/jogged to Bel Royal via the beach and the hard surfaces, and then ran back again along the beach mostly until I ran out of beach and carried on along the top - changing pace with my tunes which was great fun too.

4 miles in 64.7 minutes - as normal as ever!.

Stretched in the gym and then did 30 mins aqua too to stretch out..
all good apart form my 2nd toe on my right foot, not too comfy but the only painful 'victim so far'...

Variety Team Photo on Sunday at 10.15 - then the last big one before THE BIG DAY........



Thank you

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

This week so far..

Well - I was relatively unscathed after the 16 miles on Sunday which is great news...only what seemed to be a 'bruised' right foot and sore 2nd toe on it as well - but all is ok.
I was expectiong a lot worse for a lot longer, so am pleased it is so minor..(maybe I didn't work hard enough???!!).so I took the opportunity of doing Aqua Monday morning and a long stretch in the pool after and then rested really; and ensured I caught up with all my work admin as much as I could..
The weather is I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-E- at the moment and wanted to make sure I got out there today - so I did.
Warmed up for 10 mins first on the bike and then headed off into the sunshine with my music towards Bel Royal - knees and foot were a little niggly to start off with, but as always, after 15 mins - all was fine and jogging was resumed.
i managed 3.12 miles in 50 mins - as always, exactly the same timings again!!!!!

Did some stretching in the gym first before being very brave and stepping on the gym scales....I felt thin today (we all have days like that when we feel thin - and other days when we feel bigger!!!!) - and according to the scales in the changing rooms, I have lost 1.5 stone since January! WHOOP!!
I know they are inaccurate scales but I weighed on them before so decided to do it again today!
happy about that anyway!

then went in to do 30 misn of Aqua and anther water stretch - i do so LOVE water!

Onwards and upwards..PT1 - out surfing today - and PT2 meeting PT3 from the airport - and have a wonderful liason together today in the glorious weather!!!!
Happy days for all!

Checking out for today!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Consistency - consistency - consistency..16 MILES DONE!

Well - the weather has been gorgeous all weekend and today was a big milestone which needed reaching...so Annette arranged to meet us before 9 am in Les Laveurs Car park (opposite Jersey Pearl)..
Chantelle met me at my car at 8.30am - left her swim kit in there and off we went - into the sunshine to st Ouens - IT WAS GOING TO BE AN AMAZING DAY!

Little did we know however, that there was a 15k Spartan race - which was due to start from the same car park at 9am!!!!!! Grrrr - OUR car park was not ours today!
So - it was choc-a-block when Chantelle and I arrived!
So many people I knew - all thinking I was also participating!!!!!ha ha ha ha!!!!! one day maybe!!!!

So we set off just after 09.10 - usual course, heading towards Green Island (yikes!)
The enormity of what I have let myself in dawned on me this morning!
Never in a million years would I have thought that 3 weeks in a row (did 12miles 3 weeks ago) - and twice in a week in fact, I would be doing 2 half marathons!!!!
By the way - last week I did 14 miles - in 3hrs 41....
I suggested to Sam that she parked at the end (Green Island) and run towards us and then run back in the same direction as us....
I ran pretty much all the way to Corbiere hill with a little shin problem (the cramp sort of feeling at just about one mile) but that was short lived thankfully..
Heading towards Le Braie - some of the very fast runners ran past us on their way back to the finish!
REALLY NO NEED to go that fast!!!!!
Anyway, as we got onto the railway walk - I bumped into Mauro Fumigalli - who is also doing London - and he offered me a piggy back!!!
Off we went topping up my water at Les Quennevais (Thanks Annette) and then met up with Sam at the bottom of the Railway walk - she was finding it hard ..
sunglasses out today; the sun was strong and hot - it was lovely.
Passed so many people I knew - it was great.
Marcel, Leigh and Michael Chaytor passed us - among many others..
today I stopped a few times to remove stones from shoes - and took the opportunity to massage my toes - which were still giving me the usual issues - but after stretching and massage, all was ok..
I also decided that instead of having carb gels on the 3 miles - I would do it on the hour instead. This seemed to work better - just needed a little extra at the end...
passed Fitness First and topped up my water for the last time (thanks Chantelle) and we carried on passed the harbour towards Mount Bingham - where we found Lisa Biddlecombe running towards us. Lisa has a calf injury on the mend now thanks to Morag - so she was trying it all out; and off we went up over the hill towards Havre des Pas (HDP) - passed the pool and then onto the 14 mile mark - in EXACTLY the same time as last week - 3hrs 41 mins! Amazing!
Off we headed towards Green Island - and the turning point (after much 'discussion and disbelief'(!!!) was Avalon!
Back for a 'Triumphant finish' (Annette's words not mine!!!) in
4 hours 14 mins - Annette predicted between 4hrs 10 and 4hrs 15 - so not bad really!

m1 14 min 19 sec - being chased by 15k race runners
m2 15 min 58 sec - stretch stop
m3 16 min 16 sec - pee stop
m4 16 min 23 sec - Corbiere hill climb
m5 15 min 34 sec
m6 16 min 39 sec
m7 12 min 50 sec - ignore this one, Annette catching up to Sal with water refill
m8 15 min 53 sec
m9 16 min 41 sec
m10 16 min 12 sec
m11 14 min 57 sec
m12 17 min 13 sec
m13 16 min 45 sec - Mt Bingham hill climb
m14 15 min 3 sec
m15 18 min 14 sec walking and stretch stop
m16 15 min 15 sec - walking

We then all went to the car, had a few snacks and then went to HDP pool for a wonderful sea dunk (after a lovely stretch as well); this does work wonders on tired legs..and hips eh Chantelle????

Thanks to Annette, Chantelle and Lisa for your continued support and also well done to Lisa and Sam - you both also did very well today!
Drove Annette and Chantelle back to their cars and then home for a well earned chill and shower..and DINNER!

Friday, March 18, 2011

With 4 weeks to go now - another 3 miles closer - and another first??

Ok - so a nice walk yesterday with Veronica before work and today, needed a little unstructured fartlek run - so I warmed up on the bike in the gym first , wired myslef into my ipod and set off - arranging to meet Bill Aston (osteopath) straight after.....all arranged by text.
Met up with Lisa B en route - Lisa getting over a calf injury and getting back into her training...so off we went, via the Marina and off to Millbrook - and turned around; and I met Bill in the first layby on Victoria Avenue and he just ensured that everything was in the 'right place'!!!
So - there I was, after 3.12 miles in 47 mins, Bill turned up in his car - and I had my first Osteopathy appointment consultation in an open air car park - for all to see!!!
And Bill did say it was the first time he had done that too! And now, probably not the last either!!!
Thanks Bill - and off I bound for the pool - and jumped in for Aqua and stretching in the water.

Tried out my new recovery drink today and also the new Zero Electrolyte tablets on poolside to day as well...its all good!

Variety Treadmill Challenge in town tomorrow so I will be shaking buckets collecting money if anyone is in town..

then...16 MILES on Sunday!!!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Beach run! Yay!

Today - as per my instructions - tempo session on the agenda.

Leaving an ailing hubby in bed, I left early and got parked up, did 15 ins on the bike to warm legs up and off I went..
25 mins warm up and armed with my Great Running tunes' (ipod!) straight into 5mins @ 70% which took me to Bel Royal and then I decided to come back on the beach! Tide was out - sand was hard - it was great!
so 3 more intervals of 5 mins @ 70% (I think!) each followed by a 2 mins recovery - took me back to West Park - so I then jogged straight back to the pool and jumped into the pool for a loosen and a fab stretch..
Total time out there - 58 mins!.
It felt good too!

Cool Bananas - I do believe it is getting easier!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

14 miles - DONE! I DON'T BELIEVE IT!!!!

In the words of Victor Meldrew....I don't believe I have done this!But I have.. WHOO HOO!

Annette, Chantelle and I set off with Sam Logan (another London runner) from Jersey Pearl in St Ouen just after 9.15 am.....and set off anti-clockwise along the coast.....the wether was absolutely perfect; dry, slightly overcast and the sun peeped out or the last 6 miles!
3 hours and 41 mins - and lots of laughing later - Sam had a great run too (much faster than me and also a lot , lot younger!) we ran to Victor Hugo apartments at Greve D'Azette and then back to Havre des pas pool to dunk our legs - even Sam joined us too!

The results are in from Geraldine....
mile 1 15 min 5 sec
mile 2 15 min 44 sec
m 3 15 min 23 sec
m 4 16 min 23 sec
m 5 16 min 33 sec (pee stop @ Corbiere Phare)
m 6 15 min 21 sec
m 7 15 min 20 sec
m 8 15 min 40 sec
m 9 15 min 58 sec
m 10 16 min 5 sec
m 11 15 min 46 sec
m 12 14 min 16 sec
m 13 17 min 5 sec ( including some walking)
m 14 16 min 7 sec ( including some walking)

Lovely sea dunk to ice our legs!What great healing therapy that is....love it!

14 miles on target taking 3 hrs 41 mins as planned.

Mixed trail and road coastal course. Steady running from Sal with increased walking spells later on...as always expected.

Perfect cool running weather with some wind.

Sal took extra carbs on board all week in preparation, and took Maxim at 3 mile intervals and jelly cubes later on. Better fueled all round and feeling all the better for it.

Same route planned for next week, and I anticipate Sal running through the 14 miles to attain her 16. Likely finish somewhere around Green Island.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

This week's update.....eek!!!

Recovered far quicker after the 12 miler than after the 'Pyramid - what pyramid??'!
Turns out - the main reason is probably 'cos I have 'slow twitch fibres' - hmmmmm - apparently perfect for Marathons!!!!! funny that....

anyway - Got in the pool Monday morning feeling great - Also visited a chiropractor today - all seems good..

Tuesday morning, Annette and I decided that I would go for a run/walk around home and she would meet me afterwards - we would then go for a sea dunk on the lovely high tide!
My legs were still a little tight so I power walked for almost 3 miles and meet Annette after - and off we went to St Cat's to dunk our legs! Plans were scuppered by TTS arriving in their masses on the slip so we moved to Mike's slip - it was bliss, once we got in!

Also visited Bill Aston, my Osteopath today to get checked out - and all is good too!
Wednesday - Charlie went off to the Uk - busy Swimarathon day today - so no exercise...

Thursday - Annette ran out of time and I had an extremely busy day too!
Breakfast Club early - gave a talk and did some dosh collecting - all good!
Ran around lanes - 3.46 miles in 54 minutes - with good music and changing pace with the music! Pleased with that!

Then, lovely massage with Clare - then a walk with Annette, Rosie & Piper (her dogs!) - then Swimarathon in the afternoon - good fun and then on my way home, my good friend Irene gave me a lovely reflexology treat!
A wonderful day - and slept really well!

Friday - had to catch up with work so again no exercise - but rushing around and more swimarathon teams in the evening..
Saturday - work am and then Swimarathon - AquaSplash children at 3 and then JLDSC teams at 4 - followed by Carbo loading at Partners!

Yay - now I have to try and get some sleep before a 14 mile run tomorrow!!!!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Big step for me today....

Well, having done 2 X 10 milers - and a 12 split into 2 X 6 miles before last weekend - today I needed to do 12 straight off..

I had arranged months ago to have good friends around for dinner last night; which was great but I dropped them off at home too and when I got home at 12.30 - could I go to sleep?? NOOOOOO!
Still saw the clock at 3.30 am!

Anyway - still got up early for brekky - standard bowl of porridge & a little honey with a weak coffee...

Met Annette just after 9.30am - and armed with my new running pouch (courtesy of PT no.2 Clifford) for my gels - we set off shortly after for 2 curcuits of the lovely 10k route...
Lovely day with a very biting NE wind - but, it had to be done!
First circuit - great - 2nd circuit was tough - but faster - which is promising as I did a fair bit of walking..

News from Geraldine the Garmin WITH SPLITS ( via Annette): to follow SOON..
12.28 miles today in a total time of 3 hours 14 mins 2 sec.

Breaks down as follows;-
mile 1 15 min 17 sec
mile 2 15 min 25 sec
mile 3 18 min 05 sec (includes pee stop)
mile 4 15 min 34 sec
mile 5 15 min 08 sec
mile 6 15 min 41 sec
mile 7 17 min 33 (water and refuelling stop at halfway point)
m 8 15 min 15 sec
m 9 16 min 24 sec (this must be the uphill walk section into the wind)
m 10 15 min 19 sec
m 11 15 min 28 sec
m 12 14 min 57 sec (Training note - 12 miles in 3 hours 11 mins.)
m 13 0.28 of a mile in 3 min 51 sec

Steady consistent miles of 15+ min miles today with some walking, particularly into the windier sections. We had a bitter north-easterly blowing today and on our second lap of the course running into the wind was burning our faces with coldness. Sal walked these sections on the second lap including the uphill section.

Used a whole Maxim Gel and one other - and tummy was rumbling slightly as from about 10 miles....was very hungry when I finished! This is very unusual for me!!!
Note to self - more carbs the night before (and more sleep hopefully!!!) and also the day before the day before as well!!!
On the day itself, it is looking like a 7 hour marathon. EEK EEK EEK!


Friday, March 4, 2011

Getting very close now ...

and I still need donations please!!!!


Thank you!


Thursday, March 3, 2011

Ok - Pyramid time!

Annette has been talking about doing a pyramid training session for a while now - and today was the day!

I have been doing 'tempo sessions' on a Tuesday as Annette had been asking me to run at 70% - well, I had no idea what 70% was!
So I had to do the pyramid to find out!!

So ,it was a very cold (north easterly wind) but gloriously sunny day - I met Annette at hers - we walked down the hill to Vins Direct (L'Etacq) and started the warm up jog, nice and easy - turns out it was 14m 16s!!!!!
not sure how that happened - but Im assured the watch does not lie!

So into 3mins @ 70%, 2 mins @ 80% (and I noticed that both felt different paces), then 1 min @ 90% - that felt hard! then another 2 mins @ 80% and 3 more mins at 70% - followed by a cllo down jog to complete 3 miles...

Warm up mile - 14.16
2nd Mile - 14m 12s and
3rd mile 14m 32s - which inclded a bit of a walk and slow jog as well.


Turns out that probably, my Tuesday tempo sessions - have actually been speed sessions!!!!! As I said to Annette - it has been about 40 years since I really last worked on speed sessions - and that was in the water....!!!!

Theory? possibly a once pace person!!! who knows!!!!
We made our way up the hill and back to Annette's where we enjoyed yummy scrambled eggs with toast & marmite!!!! yummy!!!!

Thanks Annette!
Onwards and upwards!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

OMG! 6.5 weeks to go...........getting closer now!

Had a Variety team get together at the Boat House - very nice indeed...but chatting with the other runners and hearing all about their training - made it all very very real and feel like its getting very close now!!
Also heard about 'For goodness sakes shakes' too which I need to try perhaps..free trial in Runners World magazine....does this mean I need to purchase yet another running mag?????
I think possibly - yes!!!!!

Moving onwards.......Pyramid tomorrow morning..

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Starting to feel like a runner - sort of!

Well –
After yet another bizarre dream - must be Tuesday mornings sleep – which got broken in the gym as I was about the get on the bike..!!!!!

I met Annette and off we went..

Jogged for a mile –

Mile 1 - 15+mins (!!!)

And then decided on a tempo session along the front – Annette decided on 4 X 5 mins @ 70%...

Bearing in mind, I don’t know my 70 % - 80% or 90% yes – this could be interesting!

So I started my first one – no problem
Then 2 mins recovery
2nd one felt harder which took us to the Gunsite!!!!!
– 2 mins recovery and then the 3rd one (we had turned around by this time) – which felt the hardest. 2 more mins recovery and then #3
Which I really loved – and took us back to where I started the 1st one!!!!

Then we recovered – and then jogged back..

Total time – 65 mins 45secs for 4.47 miles...
It is 5 miles to Gunsite and back from the gym but Geraldine was stopped at some point...

NEVERTHELESS – Annette checked and
Mile 2 – 13m 53
Mile 3 – 13m 59
Mile 4 – 15m 50 – included recovery jog / cool down back to the gym..

AND, this is the most exciting bit, THE LAST TIME i RAN FROM THE GYM TO Gunsite and
back – 2 years ago – it took me 1hr and 45 mins – I was on my own with no music or changing pace..

So – I am very pleased – and am starting to feel like a beginner runner now!!!


I was away for the weekend - and on Annette's advice, i packed my trainers and kit - and went out on Sunday for a 3 mile jog around the village before the rain set it!

Last Wednesday I did a 6 mile run and Thursday morning, I left the house and went out and did another 6 miles in 1hr 42 mins...pleased with that too.