Wednesday, May 11, 2011

the Aftermath.....!

Well almost 4 weeks after the run - and one toenail gone (and another about to go - but both painless!) life is good...2ND ONE NOW GONE!!!!
I have been swimming as much as possible - and it's Fab - the weather has been great too.
Put my trainers on again for the first time last week and went for a little jog (felt good) before a PT session in the gym - now that HURT!!!! followed by an early spin class on Friday morning - and I continued to hurt for 36 hours after that!

I have £3000 in the kitty so far and money is still coming in..
Thought I would share 3 lovely photos sent to me from Jude from the start of marathon day...
Me....with the Flag!
Sam Logan - very nervous!

Lindsey Woodward and her Jersey Flag too!

EVERYBODY SHOULD DO THE LONDON MARATHON - just once! even if they walk it - just for the people's totally amazing!

Onwards and upwards - let's think of another challenge now..

I am still collection too..


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  1. Hi, congratulations for your blog!!
    I also have a blog, about philately:
    I intend to get a visit from every country, so I would really apreciate a visit from Jersey.

    Pablo from Argentina