Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Change of plan this week..with just over 7 weeks to go....

Due to going away (hopefully) tomorrow to the Uk for a few days, i am unable to do my scheduled 12 miles on Sunday - so , have to do it mid week...

Annette suggested I split it into 2 back to back 6 mile runs...
so today. along with Chantelle in her SPARKLING new RED & TURQUOISE trainers - went out this afternoon; the plan was to run from West Park to St Aubins and back; i have never done this previously but it is a measured distance so a good one to do.
I met Chantelle at hers - and we walked to to the front and started to run at 14.20.
It was miserable - heavy drizzle and a full wind in your face all the way to St Aubin; nevertheless, I managed the 3 miles in 45 minutes! I was delighted!
AND without stopping! Treated myself to a stretch and a little drink and a little chat (which I do all the time anyway - makes sure I am breathing!!!!) and then started running at 3.15 - and we got back to West Park loos - in 32.5 minutes!!!
so, total run time for 6 miles 1hr 25 minutes! and despite the weather (we were slightly wind assisted on the way back) we both really enjoyed it!
oh yes - and Chantelle stepped in a puddle at the beginning of the run - and right at the end as well muche to her annoyance!
So they are well and truly christened now!!

Thanks Chantelle....really appreciated your company today..

Back home for pasta bolognaise, and lots of water!

now - need to get a good sleep as I have to get out in the morning - before I fly away!!!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Beautiful Sunday - and 10miles no.2 - BANKED!

Geraldine the Garmin's reults today & Annette's comments..
- 10 mile run in 2 hours 37 mins 26 sec. which is also 5 minutes quicker than last week's 10 miles over a different course.

mile 1 15 min 36 sec
mile 2 16 min 51 sec (includes stretch stop)
mile 3 15 min 15 sec (includes pee stop)
mile 4 15 min 27 sec
mile 5 16 min 09 sec (include a small 'non-hill')
mile 6 15 min 53 sec (smutty moment - Chantelle where were you!)
mile 7 15 min 30 sec
mile 8 15 min 18 sec
mile 9 15 min 47 sec (Dee joins us for 2 mile triumphant finish and loses 20 quid on the way)
mile 10 15 min 33 sec

Check out all those 15 minute miles!!!!

In terms of minutes per mile, consistency and looking strong throughout, this has been Sally's best long run yet.

Had a drink after and chat - followed by a self-foot massage as my feet were aching (may have been due to more tarmac and also, late night last night and dancing in tight boots!!!)
Also had to take myself to bed to warm up and chill for an hour or so before dinner..
Feeling better and as if I'm recovering quicker today..

Onward and upwards.....Thanks Annette - again!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sunny Thursday & Friday

With a light change of routine this week - i put it down to the heavy day on Sunday and bizarre Tuesday am....Thursday turned out to be an easy day with a shorth sharp gym sesion with Jason -super set including Lunges (from step to Bosu ball) - step machine - chest press with dumbelss - Abs - not a lot - but effective!

Friday - walked in briskly and turned down lifts into work! That took an hour; started in thick fog and by the time I got into town, it was a beautiful sunny morning; met Annette and jogged to West Park and went around slowly - then @70%, another slow and then one more @ 70% - and then plodded back chatting all the way, via QE marina and back to the pool (total 40 mins) for 30 mins aqua and good stretch out in the water..

bracing myself for another 10 miler - a little different on Sunday..
watch this space...

RET DAY Saturday 19th - but a great teaching day today! YAY!!!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

ANYONE can donate - whenever and from wherever!

PLEASE give generously!

Feb 16th - Redeemed my self a little....perhaps?

Morning all.
May have redeemed myself just a little today! Went out from home - no walking - non stop jog for 29mins and back - also without stretching. Did that when I got back.
Had my porridge now off to aqua.
Feeling better today.


Annette's comment -

"Perfect Sal, and now your head is fixed too.x"

Moving onwards and upwards.....

Feb 15th - not the best day....

After a couple of further disrupted night’s sleep, I awoke today after the most bizarre and illogical dream this morning – at 08.20am!
Will share it with you when I see you!

So – I was a bit ‘shell-shocked’ when I got up and wandered around ‘zombie like’ – deciding that this morning was not the time for me to do my interval session and came to work with the intention of going out at lunchtime – with a nice lunch and salad prepared for tonight as well..
By the time I motivated myself , sort of – to get out of my chair it was 1pm – so I walked into town briskly to collect something, and back (15mins) and then decided to go down along the jogged to La Fregate first and then to the Marina by the Radisson (11mins)

Along to the Beatles, I managed 6 x 2 min intervals interspaced with a very brisk walk – and then jogged to la Fregate (upturned boat opposite the Grand Hotel Cliff) and back to the pool another 11 mins....

My heart was not in it – oversleeping is not good and I don’t like it..!!!!!! Sorry!
But at least I got out and did something..which is better than nothing

I will do better next time – probably on Friday morning I am thinking now..:-(

Monday, February 14, 2011

Update - with the facts! "Piece of cake" according to Annette.....

Weather - very windy and wet all morning
Annette did call me and see if I would like to postpone it till the afternoon.....i did say I cannot choose the weather - and it has to be done!

Here goes..
Mile 1 - 15m 36s (serious face)
Mile 2 - 17m 26s (serious face with stretches)
Mile 3 - 16m 34s (serious face)
Mile 4 - 16m 40s + mucky story!
Mile 5 - 18m 10s - (included Corbiere hill & pee stop)
Mile 6 - 15m 56s - many mucky stories!!!
Mile 7 - 15m 23s - peasy!!!!
Mile 8 - 15m 32s
Mile 9 - 15m 14s - easy peasy - & PB!
Mile 10 - 15m29s - TRIUMPHANT FINISH!

- we always treat the first 3 miles (one hour-ish) as a warm up
- Todays 1 - 4 miles were into asignificant headwind
- it i 4.3 miles from LEs Laveurs (Jersey Pearl) to the start of the Railway walk at Corbiere.
- miles 6, 7 & 8 are gently downhill on the railway walk
- the last 2 mile were on the hard and flat along the front from St Aubin

MOST of the course was on a trail or hogging terrain

9.5 miles to Bel Royal and the last half mile was back to the Gunsite.

Maxim gel - one pouch lasted the run - taking about a third every 45 mins or so.
Also used about a litre of water - could have used more.

Quote from Annette:
"An excellent run; Sal looked really comfortable and strong throughout.
Now wearing her 3rd of 4th pair of new shoes...'theses are definitely the ones' - looks like it's a hit for the new Nike Air Pegasus! Yay!'

FACTS - they are my 3rd pair - the first ones were worn once on the first run and then the others on each run until yesterday - great shoes but just too tight!

Starting to feel more like a runner today as opppsed to a plodder - and it was just as well we did not postpone it till the afternoon; it was torrential rain most of the afternoon!!!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

UPDATE - a month from start date.....and with 9 weeks to go!

10 miles - DONE! Jersey Pearl to .... Bel Royal and back to the Gunsite
(where my car was parked).
It was surprisingly mush easier that I had anticipated, despite the strong winds and heavy drizzle - whish did not deter us from the job in hand.
I loved the railway walk - so nice to run on that surface!
My new shoes arrived on Friday - and I tried them out today - aand they are a resounding success!

Not enough thanks can go to my 2 amazing running buddies Annette and Chantelle;despite what I say (jokingly), I don't care that they are walking (albeit briskly) next to me - they keep me sane,laughing and more importantly - keep me going!!
They (along with Cliff)are also helping me so much to believe that I can do this now.
I have visualised myself doing the Marathon now; I have never thought I would run all the way - I have always been going to jog (plod) and walk - and as I keep saying, it is not about the distance, nor the time that it will take, it has alway been about the 'running' thing!
Anyhow - it is now becoming more realistic to me.
Full details and a breakdown of my mile times will follow later..thanks again to 'Geraldine the Garmin'..whoo hoo!!!!! Watch this space.....

Thursday, February 10, 2011


After Sundays run - 4 times around the Valley - my calves and knees were struggling so decided not to run on Tuesday - waled into work instead, did loads more stretching and then more aqua and stretching on Wednesday..
and on Wednesday had a bit of fun onBBC Radio Jersey! I was asked to choose my 6 favourite songs - here is the link, available until 15 Feb only..
(This show started at 4 - so you need to go to 6pm!

Thursday morning (10th) - feeling a lot better and more healed....

Sunday, February 6, 2011

http//salslondonmarathonjourney2011 - Google Search

Mid December I got caught at a weak moment by Anna Tredant, herself a marathon runner, asking
if I would like a place with Variety, in this years Virgin London Marathon.....and I said YES!!!!!
2 days later - after a hard gym training session, I ended up with a horrendous chest infection which
prevented me doing any training at all - until January 16th 2011!

Having always been a swimmer - and never a runner, this was always going to be the biggest challenge I was to ever undertake.
Therefore I needed as much time and sensible training as possible.....

This medical delay was therefore rather annoying to say the least!

We organised a Charity Aquathon at the pool on Sunday January 9th raised £230 - thanks to the AquaSplash for letting me do that, and also
to JP and Leigh for giving up their Sunday morning to help teach the 2 hours.

So, with Cliff's advice, and Annette and Chantelle (Rose's) help and constant support, Annette came up with an acheivable training schedule for
it for when I actually started on January 16th! with just 14 weeks to go!

The countdown was on....I now with no less that 3 Perseonal Trainers, had to stay healthy, uninjured,strong and eat well.

I attended the first Variety team run at Les Quennevais on Jan 16th - it turned into a bit of a disaster as my shins started to
pain me - as they had when I walked into walk a couple of times...thought it was the shoes - so tried others - and they seemed better..

Anyway - it was a lovely day and we plodded through 3.75 miles - and I managed to plod the last mile comfortably.
We followed that with a sea 'ice dunk' at Belcroute - which was great!

So not totally disastrous and everyone I spoke to me kept reassuring me that I would be 'absolutely fine' ! " If you can swim the Channel
- you can run the London Marathon" - er - it really is not the same I can assure you - I kept telling , and still tell people who say that to me!

I was also starting to do Aqua on Mondays. Wed and Friday mornings to help stretch me out totally, which was/is nice...

Onwards; first 'temp session' with Annette along the sea front on Tuesday 18th Jan - different and fun - it had me warming up and then
going faster for a minute - intespersed with a recovery minute - did this 10 times and plodded back for some stretches in the gym!
Wed - Aqua
Thursday 20th - Fartlek session with Annette at St Catherines - hard, but great fun, followed by a nice dunk and lovely cuppa coffee after.
Friday am - Aqua
Saturday - now my official rest day..

Sunday 23rd - 10k today!!!!! 12 weeks to go!!!!
Under the watchful eye of Annette with her Garmin (must get mine sorted out!!!)
Also accompanied by Annette and Chantelle Rose - this triple combination is turning out to be amazing - and
is making my training so much easier and more bearable..still suffered with my shins in the first mile today..
PB - 10K from Jersey Pearl to Le Braye and inland and back to the car - LOVED IT!!!
Stretched out together - ate bananas - and laughed lots!!
Today was the day Annette shared her story of the 'sperm flavoured/textured' power gels!!!!!
Whoo Hoo!!!
Mile 1 - 19m 31s; Mile 2 - 18m 16s; Mile 3 - 17m 21s; Mile 4 - 17m 28s; Mile 5 - 16m 48s; Mile 6 - 16m 20s
AWESOME DAY! Thanks Girls!

Monday 24th Aqua AM and went to see Morag (Physio); no shin splints and my running gait seems fine; all reassuring..

Tuesday 25th - Gait & shoe analysis with Craig meredith - nuetral running gait - and limbering up exercises given..
worth avery minute....thanks Craig!
2nd Tempo session today - 10 times 2mins @70% each frollowed with a 'delicious' recoevery minute - followed by jogging back
and stretching out in the gym ..fairly sore today..

Wed - Aqua
Thurs - 'fartlek session' planned with Annette BUT - it was extremely cold & windy; my shins were nasty and it was
not a nice experience BUT after 30 mins, I did manage to plod back to the car - so no fartlek - just a
plod - which was fine; quick coffee in Les Fontaines afterwards..

Friday Aqua
Saturday - rest day and 'bucket shake' at Grand Marche, 2 till 4pm..

Sunday 30th - 8 miles!!!!! 11 weeks to go!
Jersey Pearl, to La Pulente, back to le Braie and then inland again - great fun - more silly storie, lots more laughing and
I DID 8 MILES!!!! Was supposed to be 7 - but albeit slowly & consistently, and the last 4 miles got a little quicker too! 2 Hours 17mins
Mile 1 - 17m9s; Mile 2 - 19m34s (with stretching); Mile 3 - 16m42s;Mile 4 - 17m.34s; Mile 5 - 18m 12s +pee stop); Mile 6 - 16m 40s;
Mile 7 - 16m 24s and miel 8 - 16m 12s!!!!!
I was delighted - thanks again Girls!
Quick coffee before heading to st Cats for a dunk only, could not get in today - either too slippery or too rough! GGrrrrr!
BTW - my Garmin is now being worn and used - I'm sure i need to learn more about it though!

Monday 31st - Aqua
Tuesday Feb 1st - tempo session on my own - with my ipod!!!
Bike warm up, 20 min jog warm up AND 8 X 2 mins @ 70% plus a 3 minute and a 4 minute interval - to Abba's Chiquitita!
AWESOME - loved it and felt FAB after! very positive too! And tried out new socks too!

Wed Feb 2nd - Aqua
Thursday 3rd - a beautiful sunny and warm day - and yet another Awesome one too!
Until today - i have never ever been able to 'run around' QV!
WOW! - thanks Annette!!!

Friday - Aqua
Saturday rest - great leg massage also in the afternoon - and enetertained at home in the evening too..

Sunday 6th Feb..10 weeks to go!
Another 8 miles on the agenda - a nice temperature, met Annette and Chantelle at Queens Valley - with a view to 4 laps -
it was tough; undulating all the way round - so much harder than last week - and I DID IT!
4 AND A BIT LAPS - another PB - 2 HOURS 21 MINS, ONLY 3 MINS SLOWER THAN LAST WEEK which was flat in comparison!!
Here is yesterday's breakdown (warts'n'all) from Annette and "Geraldine the Garmin".....
4 + circuits of an undulating/ small hills course on a hoggin trail. Total time taken: 8 miles in 2 hours 21 mins.

mile 1 17 min 19 sec (includes pee stop)
mile 2 19 min 34 sec (a little grumble about difficulty)
mile 3 16 min 42 sec
mile 4 17 min 34 sec
mile 5 18 min 12 sec (bit of a complaint about being seen)
mile 6 16 min 40 sec
mile 7 16 min 24 sec (bit of a complaint about being seen again)
mile 8 16 min 12 sec (bit of a discussion about how many times to cross the bridge)

How do I feel after this??? SORE BUT ELATED....
After all - IT'S ONLY PAIN innit??

We must all remember - PAIN IS TEMPORARY and GLORY IS FOREVER!

Monday Feb 7th
- was going for a swim but unable to 'cos of a tech prob at the pool - so went for a walk with Wendy - and then more stretching (& chatting!!!) - followed by 20 mins Aqua and water stretching....felt better after both of these...