Friday, April 8, 2011

9 'sleeps/get ups' to go.....

Bust week at work (last week of term) but managed to run for an hour on Wednesday morning before 30 mins of Aqua..and after chatting with Annette, I decided to switch my last long run from Sunday - to today..
so, armed with my tunes - I set off just after 7am this morning - it was a stunning morning & lots of people saw me as well (!!!!) down Mont Millais, Green Street, over Mount Bingham around the harbour and along the front to Bel Royal and back, around the new marina and back to the pool and jumped inm to stretch out..
8 miles - DONE! 2hours 3 mins which included all the stretching and hill too - oh yes - and chatting to many!!!!
Lovely last run - on a beautiful day - now I can relax apparently - and enjoy the lovely weather at the weekend too!

Cannot believe I have got this far - and could not have done it without Annette, Chantelle & Cliff - it has been a great journey - painful at times but it will all be worth it - after April 17th I am certain..
watch this space!!!

and still collecting on...

Thank you

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  1. Hi Sally, It sounds like your training has gone really well and we wish you well for April 17th, Hope the weather is not too hot for you, but if it is warm there are always spectators handy with hoses to cool you down. Enjoy the experience, when you cross the finish line you will know that all the hard training has been worth it.

    Skippy and Paul xx