Sunday, April 10, 2011

Ok - so it's official now! 58752 is my number! Less than a week to go..

Annette advised me to do my last tempo run today - before I had a little dip,,so I did a 25 min warm up from st Catherine's - and then headed back - 3, X 5 mins temp pace with 2 mins recovery inbetween each..lovely - it has been a glorious day over here - really hot and sunny - like a July day!
Sea still only 10.5 but increasing rapidly - had a nice dip yesterday and another lovely one today..
Spartans also had a run from st Cats today - aand I watched many of them as they came down and iced their legs in the sea - it was so hot out there today!
Paris runners all finished in the blistering heat - well done especially to Anna who managed with her injury and finished too...

Spent the afternoon on the beach at St Ouen's as well!

So, 7 sleeps to go - just ticking over now and stay strong and healthy..looks like the forecast is in our favour for next week - 10c apparently..we can only hope..

Still plenty of time to donate....

Photo of the back of my running shirt:

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