Friday, April 15, 2011

Ok - so in LONDON now and REGISTERED!! #58752 IS READY TO GO!

Flew over on Thursday and made our way to Barnes - staying with Sue Adams and the majestic Blok to Dog!

Went dog walking on Barnes common - and met up with "Stanley, Harry Henry, Teddy and Rioja! Lovely!

Arranged to meet up with Charlie'son Sean who is working in the area for supper in the pub - very nice too.

Today -, did not sleep well (never do the first night way) after breakfast I was treated to wonderful foot massage and then Charlie and I headed off to the Excell Centre to register and collect my pack..
Had a quick look round the Expo, tasted and drunk bars and potions - had lunch and then headed back to my new head phoes for my ipod..
Got home about 4.30 - and put my feetup and got spoiled

Lovely spag bol for supper - lots of lovely messages coming through on texts and F/B...I do have amazing friends...
Thank you All!! xx

Fundraising is going very well -
We can always do better!

Still plenty of time to donate!!!
2 sleeps - just!

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