Sunday, April 3, 2011

This week's update.....2 WEEKS TO GO!!! TAPERING at last - and another 1st today!

Well - last week's 18 miles was a tough one; did Aqua on Monday morning, walked into work on Tuesday and and my knees finally recovered by Wednesday - and was hoping to run but never made it - so did Aqua..
Bust week at work too so by Thursday the pressure was off really - so met Lisa abot 8.15 and went for a nice little run - 'cos I can! - i went to Bel Royla while Lisa went to the Gunsite and we met back at the Copper tree..a really nice little run!
WHO would have thought i would ever say that!
Then Lisa & I did half of the Aqua class and stretched out after - lovely..

Rested on Saturday and was looking forward to a little run today..
HOWEVER due to the busy week I'd had, I had not noticed that I needed to do a 12 mile run today!!

We were due out for dinner last night and I really wanted a little dip too so, once I had got my head around it - decided to run from home into town first (this was a firstand was really nice too!!) Annette said she would meet me outside the gym at 8.30 - so I ran the long way round and met her right on Q - and we decided to run the road way, to avoid the 10k race along the front!
So, off we went and did not meet any of the racers until we had turned at St Aubin and had started back - and then we met loads and loads of people we knew - good fun!
Conditions were great - and cool - AND we arrived back before the last runners had finished - so I was delighted they did not ALL overtake me!!!!
MET SO MAY OTHER MARATHON RUNNERS after as well - good to chat too!

Charlie collected me and then went to St Catherine's for a leg dunk - LOVELY!!!!!

2 weeks tonight - and it will ALL BE OVER !
Thanks Annette again..!
Thank you.. x

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